Types of Airport shuttle in Kahului

Types of Airport shuttle in Kahului

Airports have standard check-in procedures and time-lines. Most travelers have always had a challenge to make it at the airport timely for check-in. This has led to missed appointments, extra fees incurred due to rescheduling flights and hotel reservations that would have been avoided. Airport to hotel transfers have their set of challenges too. Sometimes a client may have made private arrangements to be picked from the airport but something comes up and they are stranded. It is important to have a credible company to do the transfer. Airport Shuttle service in Kahului may vary as follows.

Shared ride shuttle services

This is the most affordable mode of transport. Random passengers use the shuttle, so long as they share a common destination. It is very popular for hotel to airport transfers. Most hotels have partnered with companies and they have stand-by shuttles at the premises 24 hours a day. The rates vary depending on destination, and they are also subject to tax.

Exclusive services

These companies may also offer exclusive shuttle services, SUVs, and Limousines. The rates for these services are premium because they cater for more specified client needs. Companies mainly choose to use the exclusive shuttles for their staff who have traveled for training and are all scheduled for the same flight. This means that no other passengers travel in the shuttle. SUV vehicles have the capacity to carry loads. SUV clients normally have valuable luggage that they would require to arrive safely. Most clients on vacations carry along their surf boards, skis or motorbikes. Limousines are popularly used by VIPs.

Airport Shuttle service in Kahului has professional uniformed drivers. They understand the transport system and they use the best routes to ensure timely arrival to destination. Integrity is key for them. All items under their custody are accounted for, well taken care of and they arrive in good condition just as they were received. By the time the client arrives, they feel a load off their back. The above services are diverse and cater for all caliber of clientele. For hassle free transportation and quick transport solutions, click here.


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