5 Things You Must See When Booking Tours in Oahu

5 Things You Must See When Booking Tours in Oahu

Have you ever been to Oahu, the heart of Hawaii? It truly lives up to this statement by being one of the largest Hawaiian Islands and being the most populous. With its overwhelming size of 596.7 square miles, there is clearly lots to see and lots to do. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to explore the beautiful land and sea of Oahu, you should definitely book tours in Oahu today!

When looking at tours in Oahu, you see that many offer hiking through rain forests, visiting the vast beaches, swimming activities, surfing activities, diving/scuba diving/snorkeling activities, etc. It is important to choose the tour right for you so you have the most enjoyable and most memorable memories to bring back home with you. However, there are some must-see places that every Oahu tourist has to experience and see for themselves.

1. Pearl Harbor

Going to Pearl Harbor will allow you to visit the historical USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri -; the last battleship built by the US Navy. Take in the history of all those who fought and lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack -; honor their bravery, valor, and courage.

2. Circle Island

Filled with breathtaking views of the natural landscape, you will want to take countless pictures to show everyone back home. You will be able to see the entire island from its rugged shorelines to its sandy beaches. Visiting Circle Island would also allow you to take in the history and culture of this beautiful island all at once.

3. Paradise Cove Luau

Enjoy a sunset luau at the Paradise Cove Luau. This is one of the most popular luau shows in Hawaii. Visiting this event will allow you to take in Hawaiian culture and hospitality all while relaxing and tasting the delicious traditional Hawaiian dishes.

4. Kualoa Ranch

Most people think of Hawaii of being covered with beaches, volcanoes, and beautiful views. Visit the Kualoa Ranch in Ka’a’awa Valley to step into the more rural parts of Hawaii. Filled with fantastic views and exciting activities, you won’t regret visiting.

5. Downtown Honolulu

If you are in Oahu, make sure to check with VIP Trans. Downtown Honolulu offers a look into the city and the day to day lives of the people living there. This also gives you an opportunity to buy souvenirs and try the local cuisine. Click here to get more information.



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