From Management to Maintenance, Truck Drivers Start Here in Oregon

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Transportation and Logistics

When looking for CDL trucking jobs in Oregon, Leavitt’s Freight Services is the place to go. They understand the trucker because they were the trucker. Most of the staff started in the company as truck drivers, therefore understand what the truck driver needs when it comes to business. This put the driver and the company ahead in business. Leavitt’s offers high-quality training and pays their drivers more than the average amount of pay, proving that they are good to their employees. Building up this family business for more than 60 years, Leavitt’s knows how to treat their staff and customers like family. They have built their reputation on doing such. Striving to maintain an environment of integrity and honesty and exceptional character, Leavitt’s provides the quality logistics to ensure the load is always delivered on time.

CDL trucking jobs in Oregon consist of moving wooden poles, engineered wood, and general commodities. Wooden poles are an essential part of the electrical and communication aspect of everyday life. Having these poles delivered safely and on-time is something Leavitt’s can handle. They are also fully equipped to deliver engineered wood safely and on time. This engineered wood is eco-friendly and cost-efficient, making it a crucial part of most construction projects. General commodities consist of anything other than harmful materials, passengers, or domestic products. Leavitt’s is in a unique position to give them the upper hand in delivering loads like this safely and on time.

The quality does not waver no matter the job or load. Leavitt’s is honorable and prides themselves on their integrity and quality services. To learn more, visit Leavitt’s Freight Services.

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