Planning, purging and packing in preparation for your move

Planning, purging and packing in preparation for your move

A successful move takes into account three important stages; planning, purging and packing. By sticking to this you will be organized and ready when your choice of moving companies in Maryland arrives at your current address.

Create a planning file: Buy yourself a pocket folder; this is where you will keep everything that is associated with the move. If you are more comfortable digitizing everything that will work as well. The important thing is, you can make notes and refer to files quickly.

Make a floor plan: Everything that’s goes out of your current home and into the truck has to come out and be placed properly at the other end. Rather than wait until the movers are unloading, make a floor plan of your new home and pre-plan the position of major pieces.

Ask yourself; do I need this? Moving presents a golden opportunity to rid your home of unwanted and unneeded “stuff,” it is the ideal time to purge your home of things you simply have no use for. Eliminating that which you don’t want to take with you should be separate from packing, when it comes time to pack you want to know that everything you see goes to your new home.

Start using up things: People that work for professional moving companies in Maryland are the first to suggest that several months before they show up, you begin using your stockpile of household products, canned foods, personal care products, etc. If you are making a long distance move odds are you won’t be taking fresh food with you, make early arrangements with a family member or neighbor to take it.

Packing: Start by packing the things you rarely use, as you get closer to moving day this is when you deal with those items you use most often.

Label boxes, identifying what room they are destined for in your new home. Make a packing list as you go along. Although moving companies in Maryland provide a packing list, it deals with units such as a box; your list should itemize the important contents.

When you start early, plan well, make early decisions, get rid of unwanted items and pack properly you can be assured that you will get from your old home to your new one with a minimum of aggravation.

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