A few tips on making a successful move

A few tips on making a successful move

If you have to move and you have no option but to do it during the summer months, you are not alone. Due to school breaks summer is always the busiest time for Syracuse movers. There are a few things you can do to make the process less arduous.

*Book early: If you are planning on hiring a professional moving company call and schedule the move early. With the summer months being as busy as they are the sooner you book your move the better; this is extremely important if you are moving long distance.

*Time overlap: Build in a little overlap between the closing date of your new home and the closing date of your current home. Nothing is ever perfect, including moving and things tend to take longer than planned. With a few days overlap you will have time to make any changes you want to your new home before your furniture and possessions arrive.

*De-junk: Don’t move things that you don’t want; be ruthless and get rid of everything that is not used and never will be. Syracuse movers base their estimates on weight as well as distance, a great way to pare the cost of the move is get rid of everything that is no longer of any use.

*Prepare a survival kit: There is a very good chance that you will arrive in your new home before the movers. Prepare a “survival kit,” include a few changes of clothing, toiletries, any medications, etc. Although it is not part of your survival kit, take all your important documents with you rather than leave them with the movers.

Buy full cover insurance: Your homeowner’s policy may cover you during a move but it is best to check this first. If it doesn’t, you should pay a little extra and arrange for a full cover policy through the mover.

By taking time before the movers arrive, you can ensure that the process will go as smooth as possible at the lowest possible cost.

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