Get Outstanding Care from the Experts When Shipping Art

Get Outstanding Care from the Experts When Shipping Art

There is no need to put your art in jeopardy when it needs to be moved. Collecting art is a serious passion that requires great care of art pieces, especially when moving. You want to use the experience of an outstanding art moving company like Art Pack when it comes to art shipping service. Trust in their 25 years of experience when it comes to shipping your artwork and fine furnishings. They offer a plethora of shipping options whether local, global, domestic, for ground air or shipping over the ocean, as well.

The Experts Take Care of All of Your Art Shipping Needs

There are many requirements when it comes to shipping art. The experts will take care of all of your shipping needs including handling clearance through customs for both the export and import of art cargo. Do you have a deadline that needs to be met? The professionals will ensure your deadlines are met, stay within your budget and diligently prepare your art for shipping as well as making sure it arrives safely. Do you need your art shipped fast? The experts provide same-day shipping options so you can easily meet any urgent deadlines. Personalized tracking is also used for all art shipments so you know the status of delivery with a simple call.

The Professionals Have a History of Safety

One of the most important aspects of art shipping is safe arrivals. Art Pack has extensive experience when it comes to safely shipping fine art. Use their experience, dedication and expertise when it comes to custom packing as well as shipping. From the handling, planning and shipping execution your art is guaranteed to reach its final destination. The professionals understand that each art piece is unique and requires specific shipping solutions.

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