5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Moving Crew

Find the right firm for moving and storage in Thousand Oaks CA. Check out the following questions before you pick a moving crew and use them to assess your hiring decision.

Are they registered?

If you’re only hiring a firm for a short-distance move and your new address is still in the same state, then the moving firm may not be registered with the FMCSA. However, if you’re hiring a company for long-distance moving and storage in Thousand Oaks CA, then you need to check if they have a USDOT number.

Do they offer the service you need?

Not all moving firms have the experience and resources to handle a long-distance move or do an office relocation. If you need a firm that offers packing and unpacking assistance too, then you’ll need to confirm these services before you go any further with the hiring process, Moving says.

What kind of liability coverage do they have?

Take steps to ensure your belongings are covered. Ask the firm if they provide liability coverage and of what kind. In some cases, though, if you hire the company to pack your belongings, that usually comes with some form of liability coverage. Ask away. Get the full details so you can figure out if you’re sufficiently covered or not.

What do the reviews say?

Don’t dismiss reviews. With customers going online to express their views, it’s a good opportunity to find out more about the firm, its staff and the kind of services you can expect if you decide to go ahead and hire the same crew.

Do you have references?

Don’t hesitate to ask for a list of references. Call up those numbers and chat up former or current clients. The information you’ll glean from those calls will help you arrive at a sound hiring decision.

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