Are You Getting Enough Online Order Fulfillment?

Obviously, the answer hinges around your use of the internet in general and specifically your on line selling and/or ordering habits. If you make purchases from on line stores; how satisfied have you been with the experience? When the thing that you purchased arrived; was it the same thing as that depicted in the picture on the store’s website? Was its quality up to your expectations based on what the seller had promised? Perhaps more importantly, was it delivered promptly into your hands without unexpected delay or additional charges? I suppose that, for you to be totally fulfilled, I should also ask if the on line store has a policy for returning goods that do not live up to your expectations?

Customer Satisfaction

In any business where something changes hands between two parties in exchange for a payment; it is essential that the supplying party actually fulfills his part of the bargain by supplying the offered goods or services all the way through to the hands of the buyer. Business schools often call this process customer order fulfillment and, in today’s growing internet business environment, Online Order Fulfillment is the bedrock upon which e-commerce stands. The more a buyer is satisfied with on line purchasing; the more it will be recommended to their friends, families and acquaintances and the more that first buyer will repeat the practice. Too many dissatisfied buyers, who feel that their expectations have not been fulfilled, could herald the death knell of on line shopping.

Up In The Clouds; But, Keep Feet Firmly On The Ground

One of the joys of on line shopping is that you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home and travel out to “the shops”; you can be snug and cozy at home while you place your orders for literally anything that you fancy buying. BUT, you are not engaging in some sort of computer game involving virtual trading; you choose what to buy and pay for it on line; but, within a fairly short period of time, you fully expect to hear a ring at your doorbell announcing the arrival of a delivery service bringing your ordered goods to you. Once you have signed for them; opened the packaging and successfully tested the goods; that is when you have Online Order Fulfillment.

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