A Few Things To Consider When Hiring A Limo

If you are planning a night out that it so special that it warrants a limousine then obviously you want everything to be perfect. Once you have decided that no other form of transportation other than hiring from a St. Petersburg limo service will suffice, the next issue is who to hire from. As there are a number of limousine services in the greater Tampa, St. Petersburg area, how do you decide which is the best for you. Consider the following before you make your final decision.

Unless you have money to burn, cost is always an issue; everyone is looking to get maximum value for the money being spent. As you canvas the various operators over the phone to check on their pricing structure, you should take this opportunity to ask more detailed questions as well. Many limo services offer a discount if you make the booking well in advance or take the limo for a certain number of hours. In the St. Petersburg limo service business, there are hours in the day and days of the week that are slow compared to prime times. You may find that if you take the limo early in the evening or very late at night you may get a discounted rate.

There are different methods used to calculate the fee. In some cases the limo company charges by the hour, others charge a certain amount for an outing that lasts for a specified number of hours. If
you hire the limo for a four hour outing and get back early, you still pay the four hour rate.

Your outing may demand a certain type of limo. Usually if the occasion is a wedding, the bride and her maid of honor will arrive will arrive at the wedding venue in a white stretch limo. If you and a bunch of friends are planning a party night, jumping from club to club, then you probably will want a decked out party bus with entertainment, a well stocked bar and a few tubs of iced beer.

Limo companies are very flexible; they can take their clients where they want to go, when they want to go and in any style imaginable. When you find a limo company that you feel comfortable working with then lay your ideas on them and take it from there.

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