Where to begin when you need storage

Where to begin when you need storage

There are a number of reasons why someone would need to rent storage space. Perhaps you are moving from one house to another and the new home is not yet ready, you will need movers and storage to store your property until you can move in. Maybe you are downsizing your home now that the kids have all moved on and you have things you want to keep for them but your new home is too small to store it in. Whatever the reason for needing storage, there are a few things that you need to know.

If you are moving, the movers and storage in NYC can accommodate your possessions for whatever length of time you want. Even if the cost of using your moving company for storage as well may be a little higher it is much better for you if the responsibility stays in one set of hands from start to finish. If you decide to do this and your goods will be in storage for some length of time try to make sure you have access to it while it is stored.

The cost of the move is based on weight, volume and distance. In the case of storage the cost is based on volume. You need to ask yourself both for the moving costs and the storage costs;

  • Do I need all this stuff?
  • Would I miss it if I got rid of it?
  • When did I use this thing last?
  • Am I attached to it for any reason?

When you are hard on yourself you will be surprised at how much stuff around the home really has very little value anymore. Clothes become outdated; kids grow out of their toys and the garage is full of junk. For the sake of the move and storage be hard on yourself and get rid of everything that is no longer of any value.

You also have to consider what it is you are putting into storage. It may be you are storing expensive works of art or rare wines, these need special storage facilities and chances are your mover will not have the proper facilities. Although climate controlled storage is expensive, when you are talking about rare and expensive items it is worth the cost.


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