A Taxi In Lakewood From The Airport

People “in the know” that travel into the Los Angeles area tend to prefer Long Beach Airport to LAX. While there are a limited number of destinations that are served by LGB, especially compared to LAX, the ease at which someone can arrive and depart from Long Beach is going what makes it so popular amongst business travelers and those who are coming for a full vacation. It’s not just that there are less people going through the terminal, but there are also fewer cars to deal with picking people up and dropping them off at the airport. Instead of thousands of people trying to make it through baggage claim and to cars and taxis, you may have a couple of hundred people (at the busiest of times) trying to take on LGB.

One of the strange things about airports in the Los Angeles area is that they are not served by rail transit. While there are buses that can get you from both LAX and LGB to areas in the city, they can take a while. When you arrive in LGB and you don’t have someone picking you up, you are better off going with a Taxi services Company in Lakewood than taking the bus to the downtown business and tourist areas. A ride on mass transit from LGB to the business and tourist center can take several hours, even if it is only about 10 miles or so away. Getting a Taxi in Lakewood isn’t just the convenient way to go, but it is also the quick way to go as well. Unlike LAX, at LGB you will have a short line for a taxi, even if it is during the big “rush” of people getting into town.

While you should have no trouble getting a Taxi in Lakewood when you arrive into LGB, it makes sense to do some research on where the taxis go, and how much money you want to have in your pocket to pay for them. The taxi company in Lakewood/ Long Beach that you are going to rely on is going to be Long Beach Yellow Cab, which you can find more info on at

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