What to Expect from Piano Movers in Cincinnati

What to Expect from Piano Movers in Cincinnati

It’s an exciting time when a family decides to buy a piano, but a confusing time when they need to hire Piano Movers Cincinnati. Knowing what to expect and how much to pay can take some of the mystery out of the situation, and it can allow the homeowner to enjoy their new musical instrument.

Features Included in Piano Moving

D & R Movers will wrap the instrument for its protection. They will move it into a truck, tying it down with straps to keep it from suffering damage in transit. When the movers arrive, they will unload the piano and put it wherever the homeowner desires. Some services come at an additional cost, such as moving the piano up steps or through a window, or buying insurance for the instrument.

Breaking Down the Cost of Piano Moving

Local moves often cost from $125-$250 for uprights, to $600 and up for baby grand and grand pianos. Longer moves can cost thousands, but the departure and destination locations can have significant effects on pricing. Stairs are billed on an individual basis, and they can cost from $2-$15 per stair. Some companies charge per stair flight, with the average rate being around $100.

Piano insurance is charged by weight. Uprights weigh about 550 pounds, while a baby grand can weigh 600 and a grand can weigh roughly 800 pounds. Insurance is about $4/pound, with some movers billing based on value instead of weight. Some companies offer senior discounts, which can result in savings of up to 10%.

DIY Dangers

Some people may see these estimates as being too high, and they may decide to do the job themselves. However, it can be costly in more ways than one. The truck rental may cost about $50, but there’s no way to protect the instrument. Pianos are heavy and difficult to move up steps, meaning that these jobs are best handled by piano movers in Cincinnati.

How Much the Move May Cost

Moving a piano into a house with one set of stairs will cost roughly $250. The job will likely go off without a hitch, and with the piano mover’s special skills, families can play their new instruments painlessly and quickly. In most cases, the piano can be picked up without the need for the owner to be present, and it can be delivered the same day. Visit website for more info.

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