Metered vs. flat rate taxis

There are a couple of different forms taxis take, one is metered and the other is not, it is booked on a flat rate from one point to the other. If you were to wave a metered Melrose taxi and your destination was an office building in the city, the first thing the driver will do after you close the door is drop the flag on the taximeter. Once the flag falls, the meter begins to accumulate date which converts into money, the cost of your trip. Circumstances can play a big part in the cost of a trip of identical distance. If the road is clear and there are no traffic jams or any other holdups such as road repair or construction, the taxi can sail straight through to the destination and the charge will be based on distance. Take the same trip another day at a different time and the cost can be higher due to unforeseen circumstances as an element of the cost is waiting time. Even though the taxi is sitting still, the meter is still running, albeit at a different rate, but it all adds up.

Another form of Melrose taxi is one which you book in advance to take you from point A to point B. Taxis of this nature are often designed to take people into the airport from their suburban homes. There will be a fixed charge from any one of the suburbs direct to the terminal; the prices will only vary based on the distance the terminal is from the specific suburb.

Although the flat rate services can be used exclusively, they also can pick up other people living in the same area who are also heading to the airport. This is an ideal solution for the passengers as the fixed rate charged can be split by two or three passengers.

The flat rate taxi may or may not be more expensive than a metered taxi; remember, a metered taxi fare can vary based on the conditions, this is not the case of flat fare; the fare is what it is, no matter what. The big benefit of a flat rate taxi which is booked is you know it will be available, this is not always the case with a metered taxi that by default, roams around. Another great benefit with a booked taxi is time, they will pick you up at your home or upon your return at the terminal any time of the night or day, you will be guaranteed a ride and you won’t miss your flight.

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