Jackson Residents: You Can Move Easy With Professional Movers

Moving is a stressful experience. To be able to move your household goods in an intact state from your old home to the new one, whether you are just moving across town or to another state, is not easy. It can be an even more daunting task if you are planning to do everything yourself including packing. If this is your case, is worthwhile to consider the services of professional movers. Jackson has reputed movers who can be hired for an effortless moving experience.

Hiring a Reliable Mover
Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Check if the company you are considering for hire has the necessary licenses. For local moving, you will have to contact the state moving association to check your mover’s licensing requirements. For interstate moves, the movers should have a department of transportation or DOT number. While a well-known national company serves well for your interstate moving, you are typically provided with a better experience when hiring a local company for local moving.

It is much easier to get your moving issues fulfilled by a local company than by a big national firm. The thing to remember is that many small companies use contract labor for their moving services that might not be background checked, possibly putting your safety at risk. Always find a company with full-time employees.

Before you hire movers, obtain three quotes from at least three different companies. Most reputed companies provide a free in-house estimate. On the day the agent comes for the estimate, show them everything that needs to be packed and moved, including items in the garage, patio, basement, attic, closets, etc. to get the most accurate estimate.

The movers are liable for your belongings during the move, but the level of liability may depend on your contract. Legally, movers are required to offer you two types of insurance options: Full value protection and released value protection. Released value protection comes with the contract and provides limited liability. You will be paid 60 cents per pound of any item lost or damaged. Of course, all of your household items are worth much more than that. You can get full value protection for an additional cost that will make the movers liable for the replacement value of any item damaged or lost. You can also get coverage through your homeowner’s policy.

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