How To Choose A Reliable Moving Company

How To Choose A Reliable Moving Company

Hiring a company of any type to perform a service is always a challenge, especially for the first time. When moving is involved, it can be particularly stressful as you are literally trusting strangers to care for all of your possessions and move them hundreds or thousands of miles to a new destination.

Take Your Time

Spending time in selecting a reliable moving company can relieve those fears and anxieties and provide you with a relaxed, comfortable and very positive moving experience. It just starts with a bit of research and having a good understanding of the services you need to help you to have a terrific move.

There are a few simple strategies or tips you can use to help to find the most reliable moving service out there. Comparing different companies to find the right one for your needs is time well spend and a part of the process you should never rush or skip.

Two Months in Advance

We recommend you get started in looking for a reliable long distance moving company at least two months in advance. This is particularly important if you are moving from late spring through late summer as this the peak moving season. Booking two months in advance should allow you to book with the top companies.

In addition, you should:

  • Ask friends, family, coworkers and even your Realtor for a recommendation to reputable long distance movers with local offices but a national network.
  • Check the websites the movers you are considering and compare the services offered.
  • Ask for a free no-obligation quote from at least three different movers. Be sure to check that all quotes are either binding or non-binding as the two options in quotes are very different and will result in different pricing.
  • Make sure the quote includes all special services requested such as packing services or storage. A reputable company will put this in writing not just give a verbal promise.
  • Compare the quotes and check different consumer feedback sites for actual and comments by past customers. Don’t focus on one or two reviews, but look for a typical pattern. It is very common for even the best movers to have one or two difficult customers and moves. The overall majority of comments should be positive.

Make sure also to call in and talk to the moving company you are considering. A positive experience in talking to a moving specialist on the phone is a good indicator of a company offering top customer service throughout the move.

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