Helpful Tips for Using a Scottsdale Moving Company to Make Relocating Easier on Your Child

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Moving and Relocation, Transportation and Logistics

Packing up your current home and moving into a brand new one is difficult, but when you have children, especially young ones, it can become even harder.

The first problem usually comes about when you have to break the news of the move to your kids. If they’re really young, they’ll probably handle the announcement well, however, if you’re child has already started school, they probably won’t handle the news with grace. Not only won’t your child want to leave their friends behind, but they will also have to deal with the anxiety of knowing that after the move, they will be the news kids in school, a situation that no one likes.

When you know where you will be relocating to, you should take your child to both the new home and the new school that they will be attending. Having a visual of where they will be living will go a long way towards reassuring your kids that the move won’t be nearly as bad as they expected. Things will get even easier if your child makes a couple of friends during the visit.

Even if your child seems to be okay with the idea of the move, as the big day approaches, you should brace yourself for a barrage of emotions. There’s bound to be a few tears.

You really should include your child in the moving process. Taking them with you when you do things like sign the contracts with the Scottsdale moving company will provide a distraction for your child.

It doesn’t hurt to arrange to have the Scottsdale moving company come in and pack up your young child’s bedroom as just before the move. Not only will waiting until the last minute to pack up your child’s possessions make things a bit easier on your child, they won’t feel like their entire life has been taken from them, but it will also make your own life simpler. The child won’t be getting into the boxes and spreading all of their toys all over the place each time they want to play with something specific. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the Scottsdale moving company can pack up your child’s room and have it ready to go.

Once you’ve reached your destination, you will want to have the Scottsdale moving company unload the boxes containing your child’s belongings directly into your child’s new room. Unpacking these items needs to be a priority. The sooner you child sees their toys, clothes, and books, the more quickly they will start to feel settled in their new location.
Try to get your child enrolled in a club or sports team as quickly as possible so they can start making new friends.

Always Professional Moving has 20 years’ experience helping people relocate to and from the Scottsdale area. They will make your move as stress free as possible for your entire family.

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