Factors to Consider Before Getting a Storage Unit

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Storage Unit

Storage units are important for keeping your property safe during, in between, or after you move. They are convenient and secure so you can store your property without the fear of your property getting damaged or stolen. You can store anything from cars and precious materials to furniture and household items.

What should you consider before renting a storage unit?

Size – Hire storage units from St Augustine area that will comfortably accommodate all your stuff. If you plan on increasing the property that you have stored in the unit, get a unit that is larger to accommodate your future needs. Clutter tends to add up quickly when you move. Keep in mind that the unit you select should be slightly bigger than the amount of stuff you think you have to allow for extra belongings.

Location – Where is the unit located? Can you access it anytime? Hire a storage facility that is located close to you unless you can’t hire one close to where you are for any reason.

Insurance – Storage unit owners provide insurance for their customers. Insurance for storage at St Augustine should include protection from perils such as explosions, civil commotions, theft, flood, and earthquake; it should be inclusive and exhaustive. Ensure you know the items covered by the insurance, the value of your goods, and the procedure to follow in case anything happens.

Security – You cannot afford to keep your property in a place that you aren’t sure is safe. Your property is worth a lot, so you should be careful about where you store it. Look out for the following to determine if the unit is safe enough.

*Smoke detectors and fire alarms

*CCTV and burglar alarms

*Security officer throughout the day and night

*Ability to put on your own padlock if you wish to, for extra protection

Climate controlled unit – Sensitive items can be damaged by weather conditions such as humidity, heat or cold. During summer, the temperature can maintain 90℉ and get well below freezing points during winter. Climate-controlled storage units from St. Augustine have an extra charge compared to the ordinary units, but they also provide excellent protection.

Price- It goes without saying that you should only choose a unit that you are comfortable paying for. The price is dependent on the size of the RV, the location and the features therein.

Choosing one of our secure storage units from Full Circle Moving will ensure your property is protected at all times. Contact us today to get a quote for any of your storage needs.

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