A few tips to help you choose the best towing service

by | May 22, 2015 | Towing and Recovery

When you are faced with choosing the best company that provides towing in Kissimmee it is quite important to investigate several aspects of the candidates. Most well outfitted towing companies have several different vehicles in their fleet, this necessary to ensure that the company can safely tow different types of vehicles. A large truck will certainly need a different tow vehicle than that used to haul a motorcycle for example. In addition to working with a company that has various recovery vehicles available, you want to work with one that can attend to the problem 24 hours a day; everyday of the year. Many garages offer towing service at a considerable discount if you arrange to have the repairs made at the garage.

Obviously there is a considerable difference between a towing operator and a doctor but choosing one is similar. When choosing a doctor or a company that provides towing in Kissimmee you want someone you can trust, someone who treats your car with care and offers a reasonable service for a reasonable price.

There are two basic types of tow trucks; one which lifts the wheels off the ground and another called a roll-back. When you opt for Magic Tows you will get access to both, in this way you can rest assured that any vehicle you own can be either towed or hauled on the bed. A wheel lift tow truck is what most people picture when they think of a wrecker. It is a heavy duty vehicle which has a boom attached in the bed which is operated by hydraulics. The tow truck backs up to the front or rear of the car and the device cradles the tires and lifts them off the surface. A roll-back wrecker is actually a flat bed truck, the bed of which tilts and lowers. Using a powered winch, the disabled vehicle is pulled onto the bed and the bed returns to its horizontal attitude for driving.

If the wrecker service is dispatched from the garage that you typically use to repair your car you can often negotiate a discounted price if you have the repairs done at the same garage. If this is the case the discount may help break a tie, the towing business is quite competitive and the prices do not vary much. If you have the opportunity to work with Magic Tows you can choose the tow vehicle you want, many vehicle owners prefer a flat bed as they put no strain on vehicle while it is under tow.

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