5 Steps to the Successful Tire Sale

5 Steps to the Successful Tire Sale

Working in towing and recovery can be a rewarding job for someone who has always been handy with cars. You get to save the day in most cases and put your expertise to work. But what many don’t realize is that this industry involves quite a lot of salesmanship as well. Working retail is an entirely different skill set and one that is worth practicing. Here are five easy steps to get you started with successful truck tire sales.

1. Start with the right greeting.

Saying hello won’t cut it. A greeting when you’re trying to close a sale has to do two things. It has to represent your business, and it has to make the customer feel comfortable. For most companies, that means a friendly welcome and then immediately asking how you can help them.

2. Qualify the sale.

What that means is that you need to know what the customer needs, and then figure out the best way to fulfill it. This typically means you need to inspect the truck to determine if new tires are needed, what type of tires, and so on. Look for other services you can offer as well, such as alignment.

3. Recommend the best solution.

By saying something like “I’ve taken a look at your tires and I would recommend…” you are presenting yourself as a company that lends its expertise, but you are still making the customer feel as though they are in control of the final outcome. Be sure you explain the benefits or features of the product you recommend.

4. Close the deal.

Once the customer is on board, don’t leave it up to them to schedule the service. Be active about closing this deal with phrases such as “We can do that right now, do you have time to wait a few minutes?” or “Would tomorrow around 2 work for you?” Even if the customer can’t do either of these appointments, they are more likely to come back with a better time, than to simply say no.

5. Reassure the customer that they made the right choice.

Many sales teams forget this final and crucial step. You want to be sure that the customer knows that you stand behind what you sell, so reassure them that you and the product are dependable. Make sure you offer a business card when they leave so that they know you believe in your work enough to invite them back as repeat customers.

Practice putting these five truck tire sales steps into practice and not only will your sales increase, but your confidence as a business person will as well.

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