A Few Tips For Efficient Packing

Moving is bad enough as it is, packing in preparation for the move can often be worse. If the homeowners pack intelligently and efficiently the entire move can be made to go easier. Small movers in Ottawa know this, they know that performing well prior to the moving date makes arriving and settling in a new home far more pleasant. There are people who move quite often due to their employment, they have developed a system which can be shared.

Regardless of the task the first thing that has to be done is to bring together all the necessary tools. Let’s start with boxes, use boxes which are uniform and in multiples according to size. Arrange a small number of big boxes, twice as many then become medium size boxes and finally twice as many again are small boxes. This arrangement allows for boxes to be stacked in an organized fashion. Small movers in Ottawa are aware of this packing concept, they use boxes sized as such and if you are planning on doing your own packing, these boxes can be purchased from them. If you are planning a number of moves then make sure the boxes are sturdy, this makes your investment well worth it. The wise homeowner also tends to save all the boxes and packing materials from the electronics that have been brought into the house; these boxes were specially designed for the DVD player, the game console or computer and by reusing them you prevent possible damage during the move.

Heavy items should be packed in small boxes, remember, you have to pick them and carry them without the bottom falling out. Get more small boxes than the formula above would indicate, there are always more things in a house than one thinks. Make sure you have purchased plenty of box sealing tape and dispensers and either plain newsprint or foam packing peanuts to protect the delicate items you own. When numbering the boxes many people will identify the boxes with different colored marker pens; red for master bedroom, blue for the son’s room, etc.

When you make your packing list be somewhat accurate in the description of the contents of the box. Knowing the box is destined for your new kitchen is good, knowing that it holds pots and pans is even better. If the box contains your good china, say so and mark it fragile. All these little things make loading the truck and putting the boxes in the right rooms upon arrival a lot easier.


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