Variables Affecting Shipping Car Quotes

Variables Affecting Shipping Car Quotes

Certain factors affect your car shipping costs. They show up as an integral component of the cost of any type of vehicular transport. Various variables affect shipping car quotes, and it is important to identify them and understand how it does affect the final cost of shipping any vehicle.

Check Your Options

How you decide to ship your vehicle does have an effect on your cost. Your shipping options include two very basic types:

  1. Door-to-door
  2. Terminal-to-terminal

This indicates the type of delivery service. If you opt for door-to-door, you pay more. However, it is more convenient than driving to the nearest terminal to pick up your vehicle.

Another decision that impacts shipping car quotes is the type of transport environment you plan to use. Essentially, there are two options:

  1. Open transport
  2. Enclosed transport

Enclosed is more costly but it ensures the protection of your vehicle from the elements. The preference for one to the other depends upon the value of the car – both emotionally and economically. If it is an older model and you have little fear of surface damage occurring, open transport is possible and less expensive.

Other factors that have an influence on the cost of shipping a vehicle and, therefore, the quote, are the following:

  • Condition: Is the car operable or inoperable? Winching a vehicle onto the transport costs more
  • Size: How big is your car? Is it an SUV or a compact?
  • Distance: How far is the trip? The farther the transport company must haul the cargo, the more expensive it is going to be
  • Time: How soon do you want the car to be at its destination?

Shipping Car Quotes

Various factors affect the shipping car quotes you obtain from a company. If you are considering shipping your vehicle, make sure you understand specifically, what factors influence the final cost. Go online but also talk to an experience transport company.

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