Saving Money on Limo Service

Saving Money on Limo Service

Most people do not think of saving money when it comes to luxury items. That does not mean that a person should not think about it though. Limousines are definitely in the class of luxury, yet there are plenty of ways that a person can save a little extra money on their limo service in Long Island.

Choose Low Demand Times

The first thing to consider is to try and go off peak. There are certain times of the year where limousines are in higher demand than others. One example would be prom season. A lot of teenagers in the Long Island area love to hire a limousine for their transportation to and from their high school prom. If it is possible, try to avoid the month of May for renting a limousine, and there will be a greater opportunity for savings.

One Way Trips

Another way to save on the limousine service is to just hire the limousine driver to go from point A to point B. Do not keep the driver on the clock. In most cases, there is no need to have the limousine driver sit outside and wait while the party is inside. Instead, schedule a pick up and drip off time. This can lead to a pretty significant savings.

Shop Around

A third way to save money is to comparison shop. There are several companies that offer limo service in Long Island. They all want the business, so they often price their services very competitively. Ask them if they price match any other service in the area. Chances are they just might. They might even offer to beat the competitor’s price in exchange for the business.

Get a Discount

Finally, look for coupons. Now not all limousine services offer coupons. Quite a few of the do though. They may be found in area publications both in print and online. There may also be some discounts offered for first time customers. If no coupon can be found, then just ask if there are any coupons available. It never hurts to ask.

These are just a few of the ways that a person can save money on their limousine services in the Long Island area. Never be embarrassed to ask about discounts. Most companies will be more than happy to assist.


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