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Reasons To Consider White Glove Service In Los Angeles | Quick Transport Solutions

Reasons To Consider White Glove Service In Los Angeles

Whether you’re moving to a new location or need to ship artwork for any other reason in Los Angeles, you may want to consider white glove service. With such, you’ll get the highest level of moving and care that you can have. They can help you uninstall, pack, ship, and install your artwork and sculptures to ensure that they do not get damaged and are ready to be presented in their new home.

Why Not DIY?

Most people don’t have the time and energy necessary to be careful with their valuables and breakables. They’re tired after a long day and don’t need the stress that comes with being careful. Likewise, they may not have the right packing materials and tools necessary to do the job correctly, which is why they hire professionals to deal with everything for them.

How To Choose

When considering white glove service in Los Angeles, it’s necessary to choose a company that’s reputable. This means that they’ve been in business for years. A company with 30 years of experience versus a company with 10 years’ experience should be a no-brainer. The one with more time doing the job is going to have had more complex situations and dealt with them appropriately.

Likewise, you want someone with a strong online presence. Read reviews from others and testimonials on their website to see what others say about them. If you can’t find any reviews, you can request references from the company. They should be able to provide you with a few names and contact details.


While most people think that packing and shipping is the end of the white glove service in Los Angeles, they are mistaken. The company you choose should have options in place that allows them to quality-control every aspect of the process, from transport to shipping and from installation to uninstalling. Visit Art Pack.

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