Keep your Young Children Safe during a Move to a New Home

Your toddler is your pride and joy. He is adorable, loving, curious – and a little ornery sometimes. When it’s time to hire movers in Ottawa to get you and your family into a new home, keeping an eye on your kids while attempting to organize all of your belongings can be easier said than done. By following a few simple guidelines and keeping some key tips in mind, you can ensure a safe move for everyone involved.

Keeping Dangerous Items out of Reach of Little Hands

Unpacking dozens of boxes once you get to your new home can be like Christmas for a young child. So many items are coming out of these cardboard containers, and everything looks like a potential toy. When the items are brought into your home by the movers in Ottawa that you hired, such as Gerry’s Moving, be sure certain items are kept well out of reach of a curious toddler.

* Cleaning supplies. This may be some of the first things that you unpack in a new home. Be sure that none of these dangerous chemicals can be reached by a curious child.
* Knives, scissors, and other blades.  The box of kitchen supplies probably contains knives and other cutting utensils, scissors or other sharp items may be required to open the boxes in order to unpack them. Be sure these sharp objects are kept well out of reach of small hands.
* Houseplants. Small potted plants such as cactus, herbs, or aloe may have been kept on a shelf far above a toddler’s head but are now within reach. Be sure to keep potentially poisonous or harmful plants away from young kids.

Childproofing the New House

Childproofing a house can be a never ending job. With their curious nature and tenacity toddlers can keep you on your toes. In a new home make sure electrical outlets are covered with protective plugs, stairways are gated to prevent tumbles, strings on blinds or curtains are tied up high, and toilet lids are secured. Also don’t forget about securing bookshelves to the walls in case your toddler decides to imitate Tarzan and climb to the top for a better view of the room. If you’ve hired Gerry’s Moving to get your boxes and other belongings in to your home, it might be safest to put your curious little one into a play pen or other secure area so he is not underfoot or injured.

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