How to Organize Casino Tours

The most enjoyable casino tours are those where you can go in a group with friends or colleagues from work. On visits to casino tours you or your friends would probably consume alcohol and be unfit to drive. The best transportation for such large groups is a chartered bus. Buses are inexpensive means of travel. When you use chartered transport, you have a mobile means of transport that can take you directly to your venue. Alternatively if you travel by plane, it is usually much more costly and then on reaching the airport your party would require transport to your location or hotel. Buses are more environmentally friendly as they are more fuel efficient per passenger than planes, trains and individual vehicles. Some rental companies also use green fleets.

Some tour operators organize a complete holiday on bus. Rental companies may have casino tours tailor made to suit a large group that includes food and beverages. If you are planning a road trip, your tour operator can organize a dream trip for you in a luxury bus with all the modern amenities like movie screening on DVD or VCR, music and plush comfortable clean interiors. Ask your bus rental company if they allow alcohol on board. Most companies do, but may require you to put down a refundable deposit to pay for any damage to the vehicle. The usual deposit is $150-$250. A few companies in the US do allow use of tobacco products, but most of them do not permit smoking on their vehicles.

When travelling to an out of state venue, you have to provide your driver with adequate room and boarding for the night. He may not have to be put up in the hotel you and your friends are staying at, but ensure that he is staying nearby. The bus should be parked in a safe place, preferably the hotel parking lot.

Before you hire a bus, you should take some precautions to prepare for any untoward incident. Ask about the cancellation policy, procedure in the event the bus breaks down, who would pay for the driver’s hotel room and food in case of an overnight journey, and who pays for road and parking tolls. Choose the right sized vehicle for your party. In case you are going on a group trip to a casino, make sure you have a copy of the latest itinerary for casino tours. Pittsburgh residents can bank on the reliable bus services of local companies offering casino tours.

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