Great Tips for Smooth Office Relocation

Moving an office can be a pretty challenging situation. However, there are ways to make it a bit less stressful. Whether you’re moving out of the city or scaling up or down for efficiency, there are many things you need to worry about. If you’re in charge of handling the relocation, our office movers in Los Angeles have a few tips that can keep the process from becoming unmanageable.

Plan Early

When moving offices, it’s best to start planning four to six months ahead of time. This gives you time to get all the details covered before the move. You can decide on the new layout, where everyone will go, where to place equipment, and more. You can also build a floor plan to provide to movers and employees, so everyone is on the same page and prepared when the move is occurring and when it’s over and everyone is back to work as usual.

Hire Your Movers

You want to hire your movers a few months ahead of time because an office move requires a lot of special equipment. Have the company provide you with an estimate before signing with them. Most office movers in Los Angeles can give you an on-site quote for the move. You can also consider speaking with others in your network about which movers are the best available.

Deep Cleaning

You don’t want to move a bunch of things that are unneeded as it is. That’s why you should get rid of old equipment you don’t use, donate furniture that you no longer need, and shred unnecessary documents. Remember that donations are a tax write-off, so make sure to keep your accountant in the loop and keep a paper trail they can use when doing your taxes.

Update Your Address

You want your clients to know how to get in touch with you, so update your website, letterhead, business cards, and other advertising materials a week or so before you move. You’ll want to get in touch with online companies to make sure your online listings are changed in advance. Update your vendors and suppliers at the same time so you get all deliveries sent to the right location.

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