Four Important Questions to Ask Before Contracting Shipping Services in Fort Myers FL

One of the most important decisions that most people will have to make during the course of their life is who to trust with handling their precious valuables when relocating their home of business. Your possessions are the essence and the core of both your home and office, and there are several important questions that you should ask before entrusting shipping services in Fort Myers FL to handle them them for you.

1) Are They Properly Licensed?

The moving and shipping industry is rife with small upstarts that get into the business without ever becoming properly licensed, let alone insured. If your mover offers suspiciously low rates, this may be a sign that their overhead is lower because they are simply not operating the same way as their competitors, with proper licenses and insurance. Shipping companies that only operate within the same state are licensed differently than those that operate across the country.

2) Are They Experienced With Handling Your Specific Type of Cargo?

If the items and valuables that your are contracting a company to require special consideration, it absolutely essential that you ask potential shipping contractors if they have any previous experience with handling these types of items. If the materials you plan to ship require special consideration, contact Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. for more information about shipping services in Fort Meyers FL.

3) What Kind of Liability Coverage Do They Have?

Even if your shipping company employs the most careful and skilled workers that do everything perfectly, accidents can still happen. Before choosing from one of the many Shipping Services in Fort Meyers FL, make sure you ask what kind of liability coverage is provided for your valuables, and make sure that the coverage limit meets or exceeds the value of your items.

4) Can They Provide a Binding Quote or Estimate?

Perhaps the only thing more important than ensuring that your valuables will be properly handled and protected by insurance is not overpaying to have them moved. Ask potential Shipping Services in Fort Meyers FL if they are able to provide a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimate before contracting them to complete your moving job. This is a sure sign of a reputable and honest shipping company.

Moving your home or business can be a daunting prospect. However by asking these important questions, you can help ensure the best experience possible.

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