Choosing the Right Art Storage in Los Angeles

Choosing the Right Art Storage in Los Angeles

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other valuable forms of art all need to be carefully stored from weather and elements that may damage them. When you spend large amounts of money on artwork, it is always good to invest in a tight storage unit to protect them. With art being a big deal in Los Angeles, the city has a variety of places to store the valuables.

What to Look for in a Storage Company

Security is crucial aspect to look into when choosing a place to store artwork. Make sure the company has tight surveillance, high quality cameras, gate access, and is fire proof. Always have them catalog each piece that goes in and out of their units. Another quality to check out is how well the areas are put together. It is a good idea to make sure the storage units are concrete and sealed tight so that the weather doesn’t seep in and damage any artwork.

Depending on how many pieces of art you want to store or how often you acquire new pieces of art, you need to check if the company has multiple types of storage units. Size and structure are things to keep in mind when searching around for storage units because some pieces many need special storing. Check and see if pieces are able to be stored separately from other art.

One last thing to check out is how long the pieces are able to be stored and if the company offers climate controlled environments for those pieces that are staying there all year around.

Checking Out the Prices

LA is a big city so of course they are going to be a little pricy. Most art storage in Los Angeles requires you request a quote for the storage so always make sure to look around at different companies for the best deal.

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