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Car Transport in Phoenix – Check List for Cost of Car Shipping | Quick Transport Solutions
Car Transport in Phoenix – Check List for Cost of Car Shipping

Car Transport in Phoenix – Check List for Cost of Car Shipping

Car transportation is a complex process involving a series of functions. However, when you deal with an efficient company, a lot of your problems are solved. Before you choose a car transport company to take your car to Phoenix, there are certain things with regard to costs incurred that you need to clarify with the company. Read on below for some such important aspects.

The costs involved
Although cost should not be the first criterion for choosing a car transport company, it is definitely one of the most important ones. You can compare rates charged by different companies before deciding on one. Requesting quotes is a good way of doing it. Compare the quotes of different companies and choose one that you find suitable for your requirements.

With an online presence of most of the car transport companies which provide services to Phoenix, acquiring quotes has become easier than ever before. All you have to do is log into the site of the company, fill out a form on the site and submit it. The form asks for all the information required by the company for estimating cost of transport. Just make sure that you provide precise and identical information in all quote forms. Online quotes reach your email within a few hours.

You need to call customer service and inquire about any doubts or clarifications that you might need regarding terms and conditions. Ensure that you don’t end up paying hidden costs. Complete understanding of terms is extremely essential. The cost quoted should be comprehensive and involve all services that you request including pick up, warehousing, insurance, drop off and others.

Factors influencing the cost of transport
Four factors majorly influence cost of transport, as given below.

*     Destination of transport
*     Mode of transport chosen (open containers, closed containers, stacked containers)
*     Services requested
*     Type of vehicle (expensive, rare and exotic cars cost more)
*     Date of transport

The sooner you book a container for transporting your car; the lower is the costs incurred. Usually, last minute bookings are highly priced, unless the carrier vehicle is not full. Also, when you book sooner, you get better space for your car in the container. This could be very important if your car is being transported in stacked containers. In these kinds of containers, cars are loaded in two or three tiers. Vehicles which are in the lowest rung are more exposed to damage if oil leaks from the cars placed above them or if some parts of the above vehicles come loose and drop down. When you book early, you can reserve a place in the top rung and enhance safety of your car.

You can avoid unnecessary costs by negotiating with the car transport company. It helps in a lot of cases, as long as you bargain for a reasonable deal.



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