Airport Taxis: Whenever, Wherever!

Airport Taxis: Whenever, Wherever!

Do you have a flight to catch? Are you in a hurry? Why don’t you order an airport taxi? You will find plenty of taxi companies in your state. However, in order to get the best possible services, you need to look for the following. Read on!

Reliable and on-time services: When we talk about reliable and on-time taxi services, fleet size is one of the most important characteristic. So, you should look for a taxi service agency having a huge fleet size. One of the main reasons behind opting for a cab agency having large fleet size is – better coverage throughout your city.

Fleet-wide insurance coverage: You should look for a cab agency where all cabs are covered by a proper fleet-wide insurance. Most of the times, cab agencies have drivers having their own automobile insurance policy. This leaves passengers at risk when the driver is not insured or under-insured.

Well-maintained cabs: You may not know that an average taxi puts-on more than 40,000 miles/ year. So, in order to provide safe as well as reliable transportation facilities – regular servicing is one of the most essential things. That is why you should look for a taxi company where all the cars are maintained every 3,500 miles and get proper annual inspections by their in-house mechanics (ASE certified).

Accident prevention strategies and programs: You should look for a taxi service company employing a full time safety manager certified by National Safety Council. A safety manager’s sole responsibility is training drivers and accident prevention. Reliable companies employ taxi drivers and allow them to drive after completing a driving course that is taught by their own certified instructor.

1-800-AM-I-SAFE stickers: One of the most important things you should look for when hiring a taxi is 1-800-AM-I-SAFE stickers.

Customer care facilities: Reliable and well-established ca companies also offer customer care facilities that will make your cab booking easier. You should also look for online booking services.

Ring-on-Approach facility: Most of the times when you order a cab, you have to look for its arrival every now and then or ask your kid to sit in front of window and watch if the cab is coming or not, right? This sometimes becomes problematic when you are in hurry. So, you should look for a cab company offering ring-on-approach facility. This means you will get an alert when your cab is 5 minutes away from your home.

So, when ordering airport taxis, Minneapolis residents should consider the pointers mentioned above.

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Airport Taxis

Airport Taxis

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