A Few Good Moving Tips

A Few Good Moving Tips

The best moving tip is simple; make a list. No matter how good your memory is, PA movers will always tell you that things will get missed if they are not listed and done as they pop up. Moving is by far not the easiest thing in the world to do, as a matter of fact, moving is quite complicated. Get yourself a sturdy spiral notebook and start writing.

The lists:

Make one list of all the people that need to be informed of your intention to move. Call the PA movers, the electric company, gas company, cable TV and any other services you have engaged. Tell the post office your new address and arrange to have your mail sent forward.

A second list will be the contents of all the boxes. Devise a system of numbering, perhaps simply letters or numbers, write the contents of the box, a packing list so to speak on a label that is affixed to the box. Your notebook will contain a condensed version of the box content; perhaps simply the room is it is destined to go in.


Gather you packing supplies, purchase enough cardboard boxes for everything, if there are any left over, they can usually be returned to PA movers. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a dozen more boxes than you think you need for last minute packing. Your supplies must also include plenty of packing tape and foam peanuts for packing your breakables and valuable pieces. It is unwise to use newspaper as packing material because the ink will come off and either make clean-up difficult or even ruin some items. A good alternative to newspaper are pillows, they have to go anyway, and they may as well do double duty on the trip.


Once PA movers have everything loaded onto the moving van, no doubt you will want to clean the house in preparation for the new owners. Make yourself a cleaning kit that contains everything you need, rags, disinfectants, cleansers, rubber gloves, etc. Put everything into a plastic tote because when you are finished cleaning your old home, you can put the kit in the car and use it, if necessary, when you arrive at your new house.

Keys and documents:

Keep all of the keys, both for the old house and the new one, on a key ring. Do not trust them to envelopes of simple your pockets, they are too easy to misplace and far too important to lose at this stage of the move. Give the old keys to the new owner or his agent; take the keys to your new home with you.

All important documents should be gathered up and kept with you. It is a good idea to wrap the documents in plastic wrap even though they may be carried in a briefcase. Take everything with you, including your health cards in the event you meet an accident on the trip to your new home and need medical care.



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