5 Things Movers in Plainview TX Shouldn’t Touch

After years of DIY moves, hiring Movers in Plainview TX is a big step. However, before kicking back and relaxing on moving day, there are some things families should consider moving themselves. Read on to learn which things the movers should (and shouldn’t) handle.


Moving is stressful for everyone, including pets. Not only can they break free during the chaos, but they might also stay underfoot the whole time. Stay sane and safe by packing a pet travel bag ahead of time. If it’s a short move, plan to take food and water, treats, toys, a leash, and a crate in the car. For out-of-state relocations, movers won’t transport pets, but pet moving services will.


While they seem simple, houseplants are more of a moving day hassle than most realize. First, local and state laws may keep movers from taking some plants. Second, even if they’re allowed on the moving truck, there may be worries about safe arrival. After checking with the Department of Agriculture, put hardy plants in the truck; keep the delicate ones close by.


When families are packing heat, the movers probably won’t. Whether there’s an antique gun collection or a cabinet full of hunting rifles, firearms are a no-go for various reasons. It’s best to pack and move guns in-house, and in most cases, Movers in Plainview TX won’t touch them anyway. Finally, be sure to have all the necessary paperwork to transport guns across state lines, if applicable.


Whether it’s a vintage record collection or a set of fine china, if the thought of losing it is unbearable, don’t put it on the moving truck. While movers don’t usually toss things around, accidents happen. Don’t lose anything irreplaceable; pack up those valuables and move them without help.


Pack important papers such as Social Security cards, auto titles, and birth certificates in waterproof packaging, and put them in the car. Most people misplace things during a move, and a little advance planning will help families keep track of their most important papers.

For everything else in the house, follow one rule: overcompensate when in doubt. With any move, communication is crucial. By labeling fragile items and supervising movers if necessary, families can get their possessions to their new homes safe and sound. Call Business Name today to request a quote.

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