4 Useful Tips for Hiring Furniture Movers

by | May 26, 2020 | Moving and Storage

Lifting heavy furniture can be bad for your health. If you haven’t got the training, equipment and skill, you could throw your back out, get into an accident and suffer from injuries. That’s going to take moving day from bad to worst. Hiring furniture movers in Miami, FL, will make your life easier, though. Check out the following useful tips.


Go online and look for furniture movers in Miami, FL. Reaching out to people on your contact list is also considered informal research. Send out an email to friends to ask for recommendations and referrals. You may end up with a ton of leads this way.

Check out the company

Look into the company’s background before you make a call and ask for a quote. Does the company have the right credentials to ensure it can take on the job? Is it licensed? Does it have an experienced moving team? You’ll need to consider these things if you want to reduce moving day hassle and stress.

Show everything

A reputable moving company will always send a representative to your home to check out the items that need to be moved before providing you with an estimate. Show the estimator everything. Don’t try to hide items, thinking to reduce the quote you’ll get, How Stuff Works says. If the company doesn’t send over an estimator and only offers a quote over the phone, sight unseen, then you may be hiring the services of a rogue mover. Back out of that arrangement and keep looking until you find a trustworthy company.

Ask about insurance

Plenty of firms offer insurance. You may want to consider paying for moving or relocation insurance but make sure it isn’t covered by your renter’s insurance first. You could also hire the company to pack up your belongings so they’d be insured against breakage.

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