How to Choose the Right Professional Movers in Ottawa

There are simple tips to keep in mind when trying to choose the proper professional movers in Ottawa area. When interviewing different companies, there are four main questions that one should always keep in mind to help them make their decision:

* Is a cash deposit being asked for before the move
* Does the moving company have an actual mailing address or just a PO Box
* Is their proper licensing and insurance information readily available on the website
* Are the professional movers in Ottawa affiliated with theBetter Business Bureau or the American Moving and Storage Association

It is important to not receive a ‘no’ to any of the questions asked above because if you do, you may be dealing with a faulty or rogue moving company. Knowing how to choose the proper professional movers in Ottawa can be completed in a few simple steps.

Where Does One Begin?

* Ask around – relatives, businesses, friends and family.
* Ask real estate agents for their personal opinions on good moving companies.
* If using the phone book – keep in mind that just because there is a large ad, does not always mean * they are the best – they just spent money on advertising.
* Once a list has been made of potential companies, start cold calling them to narrow down which * professional movers in Ottawa will be able to accommodate your needs.
* Always ask for references because any reputable professional movers in Ottawa will gladly pass that information along.

Receiving Estimates

Professional movers in Ottawa pride themselves on doing on-site estimates. Think about it, how good can an estimate really be if someone does not come out and physically see what is being asked of them. A guesstimate can be conducted over the phone easily – but until the professional movers in Ottawa show up, they will have no idea at how many items will need to be moved, what materials will be needed, etc. Get a few estimates from around the area and then compare the prices for the services that they are going to offer. This is a good time to negotiate with the company that you are leaning more towards; they very well may be willing to work with you on your price if you received a different estimate from a competitor.

Valuation and Insurance

It is important to know the difference between these two words. Almost all of the professional movers in Ottawa have insurance and will be more than happy to show their up to date licensing and proof. Some companies may offer valuation options, which will offer protection against lost or damaged items but not necessarily replace them. Valuation options can also be described as tariff-based liability for the movers themselves.

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